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The SCR-284 was a World War II era combination transmitter and receiver used in vehicles or fixed ground stations.[1]

BC-654 in operation



The Crosley Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio manufactured the Signal Corps Radio set SCR-284 that consisted of the BC-654 and associated support equipment. [2]

The BC-654 first saw combat in Africa during Operation Torch in 1942. The BC-654 was the first radio set to establish communications from the beach to the U.S. Fleet, and was used to coordinate naval gunfire and beach radio networks.

The Radio Set came in three basic configurations - Field Radio Set, Vehicular Radio Set and Command Radio Set. The first two were used during WWII; all three during the Korean War. As a field radio, the unit sat on four legs, the receiver powered by a battery (BA-43) and the transmitter by a hand cranked generator. The set packed up into three 55 pound back-packs that the radioman and two assistants would carry. Once in operation, the radioman operated the set, while the two assistants took turns cranking the generator and standing guard. As a vehicular set, the set sat on a large stand which also held a 6/12 V dynamotor (PE-103), and the radio used a vibrator supply (PE-104). As a command set, the unit usually sat on a table and was powered by a two-cycle 3600 RPM, 1 horsepower gas generator.

More than 50,000 BC-654's were produced and delivered in support of Operation Overlord, the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Over 150,000 units were eventually produced in total. After the war, many BC-654s were sold as surplus for $15 each. Today, many are restored and operated by vintage amateur radio enthusiasts.[3]

Technical Description

Performance Specifications

  • Transmitter output
    • AM: 17 watts
    • CW: 24 watts
  • Receiver Sensitivity: TBS

In popular culture

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General references

  • TM-11-275 — Technical Manual And Operating Instructions For The SCR-284-A Radio Set (BC-654-A Radio Receiver And Transmitter)
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