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Capital Jukwaa
Language(s) Twi
Religion Ancestor worship
Government Monarchy
 - 1637 to 1695 Boa Amponsem
 - 1695 to 1701(last of indep. Denkyira) Ntim Gyakari
 - Founded 1500
 - Incorporation into Ghana 1957
 - Dissolved 1701

Denkyira was a powerful nation of Akan people that existed in southern present-day Ghana from 1620.Like all Akans they originated from Bono state. Before 1620 Denkyira was called Agona. The ruler of the Denkyira was called Denkyirahene and the capital was [1]

Latter the capital of Denkyira moved to Abankeseso.[2] Denkyira became powerful through gold production and trade with Europe.

The 1690s saw wars between Denkyira and the Asen and [3]

It dominated the neighboring states apart from the Ashanti and Akyem [4] until 1701, when it was defeated by the Ashanti in the Battle of Feyiase, and became a tributary.

In 1868 Denkyira entered the Fante Confederacy to fight for Great Britain against the Ashanti and the Dutch. When the confederacy proved unable to defeat the Ashanti, it became a part of the British colony Gold Coast in 1874. In 1957 Gold Coast became independent as Ghana.

The present-day ruler of the Denkyira is Odeefuo Boa Amponsem III.

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