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Eranattu (Erattu) Kudumbam of Kangazha

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Eranattu (Erattu) is a prominent Nair tharavadu of Kangazha in Kottayam District, Kerala State, India. Tharavadu is a system of joint family practiced by people in Kerala and each Tharavadu has a unique name.

According to known history, Kangazha was once part of Thekkumkoor kingdom, and was under the control of two Madampaies (Local lords as representatives of the king for the maintenance of low and order as also tax collection) Ranni Kartha and Agasthanathu Nair.

Thekkumkoor was conquered and annexed to Venad by Marthanda Varma towards the end of 18th century. The Madampis were removed from the posts. The king of Venad brought his own loyal people from Ayroor.

A woman from Chelampanethu family was brought in marriage to Madhavakottu family at Kangazha. The progeny of that woman were made the landlords. The entire land from the precincts of Nedumkunnam to Chirakkadavu extending for about 20 km was under this landlord’s control.

This family was later divided in to branches or Tharavadus. Kangazha area came under the control of Eranattu and Kadayanickadu under Thayyil.

Major portion of land in Kadayanickadu, Anikadu, Nedumkunnanmand Pulikal Kavala belonged Eranattu family. They had property in Kidangara, Veliyanadu, Kadapra, Muttar, Thalavady etc. Members of this family settled in Kadayanickadu Thayyil, Cheruvally Thekkedathu, Ayirur Chilimpinaethu etc.

Ayyappan Pillai Peshkar of Kanjirappally, Arackal Kesava Pillai of Thiruvalla, Arackal Parameswaran Pillai, Kangazha Eranadu Ayyappan Pillai Karunakaran Pillai, Kadayanickadu Vakathanathazhathu Kanakku Eswara Pillai Gopala Pillai, Thayyilaya Kaleekal Puthenveettil Kanakku Krishan Pillai, Cheruvally Koonanikkal Kanakku Eswara Pillai etc belongs to Eranattu family.

Nachinattu Irrigation Project, Alapuzha Market, Munsif Court Changanacherry etc. were constructed by Peshkar Ayyappan Pillai.

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