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Location of Kudal
in Maharashtra and India
Coordinates 16.03°N 73.68°E / 16.03°N 73.68°E / 16.03; 73.68Coordinates: 16.03°N 73.68°E / 16.03°N 73.68°E / 16.03; 73.68
Country India
State Maharashtra
District(s) Sindhudurg
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)


Kudal (Marathi: कुडाळ) is a census town in Sindhudurg district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.



Kudal is located at 16°02′N 73°41′E / 16.03°N 73.68°E / 16.03; 73.68.[1] It has an average elevation of 20 metres (65 feet).


As of 2001

Kudal is one of the oldest settlements in Konkan region. The Kudal proviance was given to Saraswat Brahmin known as Soma Goma Prabhu who was working as revenue officer in adilshahi destiny at Vijapur, People succeeded him stayed in Kudal Proviance later known as KudalDeskhkar Gauda Brahmin, in 1700 centuray Khem Sawant from Madgaon attacked Kudal Desh and killed Narayan Prabhudesai who was ruler at that time and captured the area and founded his destiny at Sawantwadi.

Kudal has year around water supply (a rarity at most other places), still agriculture was never the big business. Rather the status of a Peta or trading town converted this little town to a fairly prosperous Bazaar town. Kudal is the heart of the sindhudurg district. The main attraction at Kudal is the Ghodebav where horses come and drink water by getting down in the well. The Kudal high school Kudal is the main school in kudal.

Famous For

Kudal is mainly famous for the Kudaleshwar temple where there is a fare or Jatra every year. Moreover, Kudal city is mainly famous for various hospitals situated here. Hindu Colony is by far the most developed and biggest colony of Sindhudurg.


Hindu Colony Hospitals

  • Shree Ganesh Hospital - Dr. Sanjay Ganesh Nigudkar - Gynaecologist IVF Centre.
  • Amar Vija Hospital - Dr. Raorane - Padeatrician.NICU Facility
  • Sumati Hospital - Dr. Yogesh Navangul - Orthopedecian.Plot no 52 Hindu Colony

+91 9421261917.Digital X-Ray,Image Intensifier

  • Akerkar's Hospital - Dr. Sanjiv Akerkar - Physician --Dialysis .

Malvan Road

  • Parulekar hospital(Advanced Orthopeadic Center)- Dr.Makarand Parulekar- Orthopedecian
  • Dr Chube Hospital.

Kudal City

  • Dr. Pandit's Hospital - Dr. Pandit - Gynaecologist
  • Rajan Hospital- Dr.Ramesh B. Parab- M.D.,Consulting Physicion

Schools and Colleges

  • Kudal High School.
  • K. M. S. P. Mandal's English Medium School, Kudal
  • Br. Nath Pai Vidyalay.
  • Sant Rawool Maharaj College.

rameshwer high school bav

Religious & Historical places at Kudal

  • Shree Kudaleshwar.-Main Temple Of Kudal.
  • Deo Dongar Macchhindranath Mandir at 2 km from Kudal
  • Rawool Maharaj Math at Pinguli.
  • Shree Dev Laxmi Narayan Temple at Valaval.
  • Shree Kaleshwar at Nerur.
  • Shree Machindranath Tapobhumi(Shrine)at Kudal Town.
  • Shree Devi Kelbai Temple at Kudal.
  • Shree Dev Bhairav Temple.
  • Shree Devi Laxmi Mandir-One of The Best Builded Temple in Kudal.
  • Ghodebaon Vihir
  • Shree Datta Mandir-Mangaon.
  • Tembe Swami Janmasthan and Madir near datta mandir Mangaon
  • Shree Rawalnath Mandir, Wados.
  • Shree Swayambu Rameshwar temple, Anav.
  • Shree Samadevi Mandir,Bazarpeth ,Kudal
  • Shree Maruti Mandir,Bazarpeth ,Kudal
  • Shree Devi Bhadrakali Mandir, Wadiwaravade
  • Shree Devi Sateri, Mhapan.
  • Shree Dev Siddheshwar, Mhapan.
  • Shree Devi Mauli, Paat.
  • Shree Devi Bhavani Mandir, Waagh Sawant temb, Kudal.

Religious places Near Kudal

  • Vasudevanand Tembe Swamy Temple at Mangoan.
  • Redi Ganapati at Redi.
  • Vetoba at Aravali and Parule.
  • Shantadurga Temple at Mhapan and Vetore.
  • Adinaryan Temple at Parule.

Historical places Near Kudal

  • Rangna fort in Narur.
  • Manohar Manasantosh Fort
  • Sindhudurga Fort at Malwan.
  • Moti Talao at Sawantwadi.

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Kudal (KUDL)
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