Technology and the Advancement of Mankind Considered


Humans have definitely come up in the world in the last 3,000 years, which probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that has witnessed their slow progression and incremental advancement. After all, it was just a matter of time before they discovered electricity, flight, artificial intelligence, nano-technology, telephones, computers, space flight, atomic power, etc. and what comes next will probably not shock us much either.

Not long ago a gentleman observing the present period and all the influences of technology and considering the future that is rapidly on its way stated: “I just wonder sometimes if mankind is capable of handling such knowledge is all, as I like most of us, have become “tired” and saddened by all the “bad” that comes from the technologies.”

Yes, it makes a lot of sense. Humans will use technology in both good ways and for bad. My brother got back from Iraq (USMC) and the enemy is using Nintendo game controllers, and cell phones to detonate bombs, that put people into wheelchairs. So, it’s not just the nukes we need to worry about with Iran, as they fund Hezbollah some 100 million a year and will most likely use international terrorist proxies to attack innocent life somewhere in the world, maybe here, Israel, maybe a close ally to the US.

I think everyone would agree that Automobiles are a worthy technology. But we kill 44,000 people a year in the US alone. Hospitals are good, but they are killing 260,000 a year or more due to staff infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

Additionally, as far as wars go? Only 1% of the people who have ever lived on the planet have died in a war. Much technology has come from war time; the mother of invention, right? Self-preservation, Maslow predicts it, this is where technology comes from, same with medicine technology and innovation are there because people wish to save themselves. So they spend, there is ROI and again, lives are saved, just like military tech, losing a war sucks. The third most prevalent place that technology comes from is entertainment. Think about it; racing, TV, design, communication (personal tech), etc.


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